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Is your site responsive?

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A site designed with creative minds, crafted with heart, does not necessarily help businesses. Responsiveness is the king 👑

Responsive design means almost everyone can access your content 🤓

Responsiveness is the key to boost sales 🤑

Businesses don't need those fancy designs from awwwards

Accessibility = Opportunities 😎

Average designers charge $5k for this site

A "fancy site" that requires visitors to scroll 50% of the page to find the first call-to-action. Oh! Don't forget that it takes a while to load before you can see anything.

Average designers charge $500 for this site

A "classic site" that don't have any "WOW" factors, but easy to navigate. Clear call-to-action, navigations. What's more? It is fully responsive and made with Wix Studio.

In a low fee, you get:

Fully Responsive Site 😉

Conversion Strategies Review 🧑‍💻





Got more than 30 pages? We offer bulk discount. You will be informed before billing setup.

Turn your site fully responsive in 3 days*

We need your site access to finish the responsiveness setup. We might edit, delete, and add elements to your site to turn your site responsive. Before publishing the updated version, you will receive an email with preview link.

Share site access with our designer

Our designer will review the page count that requires responsiveness improvement. You won't be charged more than the number of pages of your site. Each dynamic page is counted as 1 page only, even though you have multiple CMS items using that dynamic page. 

Setup billing

After the first optimization, we can set up monthly billing so we can work on optimization for your site every month. You can also prepaid a year and save 30% of the original monthly price. Contact your account manager for more information.

Optional: Setup monthly billing for long-term improvements

Don't have a site yet?

Get a site template crafted for responsiveness as low as $39.